शुक्रवार, 8 जुलाई 2016

The  cinema OF INDIA  OF Kansists Prodused Films Across India, Which Includes the cinematic Sultures OF  AP and                Nadu , and  Bollywood Among Oters. [Vi]  Immense popularity of these movies were false middle Ganed Many Es Es country and sixteen hundred films in Various  Languages ​​OF INDIA  Hey Annually Prodused. [Iii] [seven]  Indian Films needs a bay so I also Folloved Thrugout  Southern Asia , the  Greater middle East ,  Southeast Asia , and the former  Soviet Union . Dadasaheb Phalke  As is known the  Father of Indian cinema . [viii] [nine] [X.] [XI]  was a Dadasaheb Phalke award , for the Lifetime contribution Cinema, habitat Instituted in His honor, were B  Government of India  in 1969, and this was the most Prestigious award in Indian cinema and Koveted